LU Energy Student attends EDF Postgraduate Researcher Event

LU Energy Student attends EDF Postgraduate Researcher Event
10th October 2017 Karen Holmes

EDF Postgraduate Researcher Event 2017

The EDF Postgraduate Researcher Event is now in its second year. Around 25 students attended, all of whom are supported in some way by EDF. Students’ work covered a broad range of topics, including offshore renewables, life-extension of existing nuclear power stations, energy storage and energy demand. LoLo was represented by Stephen Watson of Loughborough University, who displayed a poster on his work on the increased electricity demand from heat pumps, taking user behaviour into account.

The event included presentations by a number of senior EDF employees including Jean-Paul Chabard, scientific director of EDF R&D, who set out EDF’s research priorities for the coming years. The area of heat and the built environment was specifically mentioned by Jean-Paul as being important and challenging. Other presentations were given by Paul Spence (director of strategy and corporate affairs), David Fergusson (Head of UK digital revolution R&D) and Xavier Mamo (director of UK R&D).

Technical presentations were given by a number of students on their work, including both PhD students supported by EDF and EngD students who are located at EDF. There were also presentations of a more practical nature – Philip Ball of EDF talked about transactional analysis and leadership, James McNaughton described his career path after doing an EngD, and Chris Weeks gave practical advice on timely and efficient completion of a doctorate, based on his own experience.

The event concluded with the opportunity to visit Hinkley Point B power station. There was also time to get to know other students doing research in related areas.