Become a supervisor

Guide the next generation of multi-disciplinary energy researchers

Our aim is to train a focussed community of pioneers dedicated to the growth of new knowledge and leadership in the wide range of areas associated with energy demand in the built environment. We believe a key foundation for this will be a steady flow of cutting-edge MRes Research Dissertation and PhD projects defined and supervised by like-minded academics from both UCL and Loughborough.


With the enquiry of energy demand reduction requiring investigation of a wide range of, sometimes, disparate disciplines we are particularly keen for academics to define and supervise projects that cross domain boundaries to add new dimensions to existing disciplinary understanding and techniques.

Virtually all of our MRes and PhD students are working across disciplines. Frequently, they are drawing on theories and methods from more traditionally academic fields and applying these to energy problems. They thus need the knowledge and skills to work in a multi-disciplinary way, respecting the knowledge domain of contributing disciplines and being able to assimilate insights from multiple academic perspectives. In many cases we would like their research, particularly in the PhD, to become inter-disciplinary, through either evolution of theories and methods to the new domain of energy research, or through identification of new disciplinary niches and the intersection of their native disciplines and energy research. Such work is challenging, and greatly enhanced by co-supervision from outside the energy field.

Benefits for you

Primary or co-supervision of our students will give you the opportunity to explore the implications of your research for the energy field. It will also allow you to build working relationships with research staff within the UCL Energy Institute and within the Civil Engineering Department at Loughborough University.

Projects, both MRes and PhD, will be developed with input from our external stakeholder community and we would actively encourage new supervisors to bring new stakeholders with them into supervisory relationships with our academic staff.

We offer access to a vibrant community of stakeholders and academics dedicated to rigorous intellectual enquiry, as well as a large pool of engaging and committed students. You will help to define MRes Research Dissertation and PhD projects and supervise these alongside an Advisory Supervisor from the Centre and potentially from an external stakeholder. All students are fully funded and have an additional annual research project budget of up to £2,000/year.

Next steps

If you are interested please get in touch with one of the Centre Academic Managers at UCL or Loughborough University.