Welcome to our new 2017 cohort!

Welcome to our new 2017 cohort!
28th September 2017 Karen Holmes


This week we welcomed our new students to the LoLo MRes Energy Demand Course with an intensive week to ground them in the history of energy supply and demand and the construction and performance of buildings.

The UCL and Loughborough students came together staying at Burleigh Court for the week, with teaching taking place in The School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering’s  WEDC building at Loughborough University.

The first evenings entertainment was provided by last years MRes students Dan Wright and Matt Li, assisted by other LoLo Students at Loughborough.

A mix of lectures, workshops, modelling, site visits and quizzes created a diverse and interactive programme. Visits to the housing construction site  were especially informative, enabling the process to be witnessed from foundation to finish. Our thanks are due to William Davis and especially their site manager Simon Smith. Burleigh Court itself provided the opportunity to see non-domestic plant rooms thanks to our guide’s Ben Scriven and Jason Hawksworth.

Pulling together information from the course pre-reading and lectures, our students worked in groups to developed their own strategy for bringing down UK emission by 80% by 2050. Their chosen mix of generation and demand reduction was tested in the DECC 2050 calculator.

Our student now go on to tackle  more modules and a dissertation to achieve their MRes degree.