Loughborough Student Airtightness Videos

Loughborough Student Airtightness Videos
4th February 2014 Karen Holmes

During the first semester of the MRes at Loughborough University, students made videos to communicate the principles of airtightness and its effect on energy demand to the general public. The brief was demanding with a three minute time limit in which to communicate the four key principles of airtightness: What is airtightness? How is it measured? What is its impact on energy demand in buildings? How can it be improved? The students took a unique approaches to the brief, combining accessible scientific language and humour to get the message across. Two of the videos are available for viewing at the links below. Francesco Babich produced and accesible and scientific video with diagrams of energy flow within the home, while Keren Gilbert took insipiration from the spoof public information films popularised by comedy acts such as The Fast Show.


Francesco Babich “Airtightness: What is it?”

Keren Gilbert “The British Information Institute of Great Britain”