Loughborough Overheating Research in the News

Loughborough Overheating Research in the News
4th August 2017 Karen Holmes

Loughborough Overheating Research in the News

Professor Kevin Lomas and LoLo PhD student Ben Roberts have appeared in the news recently discussing Loughborough University’s research on overheating in homes.

BBC Radio 4 visited Loughborough’s Ashby Road test houses in February 2017 to interview Professor Lomas about the dangers of overheating in homes after the publication of an editorial in Building Research & Information. This was broadcast on the ‘You and Yours’ consumer affairs programme. A live BBC Radio Leicester interview followed.

In March 2017 ITV Central News filmed Professor Lomas and Ben Roberts’ ventilation and air tightness testing equipment, with a featured news item on overheating.

ITV News returned to film during the June 2017 heatwave, with the report broadcast on ITV Central and Anglia news. A Financial Times article also featured Professor Lomas’ research in June 2017.


Most recently, in August 2017, BBC East Midlands Today conducted a live interview with Professor Lomas for the lunchtime news followed by an in depth feature on overheating for the evening news.

For further information see Professor Lomas’ Building Research and Information editorial

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