LoLo summer school event, Cambridge, 6-7 July 2017

LoLo summer school event, Cambridge, 6-7 July 2017
19th July 2017 Karen Holmes

The 2017 annual LoLo summer event in Cambridge took place on the 6th and 7th of July when students and staff of the LoLo Centre for Doctoral Research in Energy Demand  spent two very interesting days looking at daylighting with Professor John Mardaljevic. As in previous years, the event was held at the West Court Buildings of Clare Hall.

This year’s summer school event enabled the participants in a number of activities for exploring measures of daylight/lighting, and how these might inform any assessment that we make of the luminous environment. The event started with a presentation from John Mardaljevic, who is an expert on daylight and has introduced a new methodology, known as climate-based daylight modelling (CBDM), for the prediction of any luminous quantity (illuminance and/or luminance) using realistic sun and sky conditions derived from standardised climate data.

Using standard light meters, hand-held spectrometers and smart sensor tag devices, the students investigated in groups the daylight and its perception by humans. The activities included, amongst others, studying the illuminance variability, measuring the illumination spectrum, relating measured values to subjective responses for the experienced illumination and studying the illuminance distribution across a room. The first day ended with a casual dinner at a local brewery where the summer school participants had the chance to catch up and relax.

The second day continued with the group activities and concluded with presentations from the students on their observations and findings. The presentations were attended by LoLo Advisory Board members who exchanged thoughts with and posed questions to the students after each presentation.