LoLo Annual Colloquium 2013

LoLo Annual Colloquium 2013
6th November 2013 Alison Parker

The fourth annual LoLo Colloquium will be taking place on Thursday 21 November 2013 at Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, from 10.15am until 6.30pm.

The fourth LoLo Annual Colloquium aims to bring together members of the energy demand community from across a wide range of science, engineering, economics, psychology, sociology and built environment disciplines along with external stakeholders from industry, government and commerce with three main objectives:

  • To showcase the research activity of our growing study body of Master of Research and PhD students through presentation and poster sessions
  • To provide our students with the opportunity to present the outputs of their highly relevant and topical research to members of the energy demand community
  • To provide an opportunity to meet our students, the energy pioneers of tomorrow, for discussion and networking to review emerging issues, and identify research opportunities and potential collaborations