UCL congratulates another PhD Success

UCL congratulates another PhD Success
15th February 2022 Mae Oroszlany

The LoLo community has certainly been active during the pandemic. Several of our finishing researchers passed their final examinations, which means a huge congratulations is in order for Anthony Marsh on passing his Viva (with minor corrections) in March 2021.

Anthony’s Thesis title was “Thermal Comfort and Air Quality Control in UK Student Accommodation: Understanding the interactions between heating and ventilation systems, occupant experience, and indoor environmental conditions”

We caught up with Anthony to chat about his time with LoLo, and what’s next for Dr Marsh.

Tell us about your work and time with the LoLo CDT:

What was your research about?

My research evaluated the operational performance of recently constructed student accommodation buildings, using both social and technical methods. A number of issues were identified. These included widespread overheating, inadequate ventilation, poor thermal controls and prolonged opening of windows during winter. The findings were fed back to my industrial sponsor, where a number of the design recommendations were adopted.

What were the highlights of LoLo?

The people! And punting in Cambridge.

What are you doing now?

Continuing to try and make buildings work better in operation through my role in Arup within the Building Performance & Systems (BPS) team.