UCL congratulates another LoLo PhD success

UCL congratulates another LoLo PhD success
12th April 2016 Alison Parker

stamp2Everyone in the LoLo community would like to congratulate Sam Stamp on passing his viva with minor corrections in December 2015.

Sam’s thesis is entitled “Error & uncertainty in whole house heat loss (Co-Heating) measurements”.

Sam tells us about his work and time with the LoLo CDT!

What was your PhD about?

My PhD looked into the uncertainties in co-heating steady state heat loss measurements. This method is important as it can be used to measure the total heat loss of real buildings, as a result of design and construction processes. In the past this has highlighted a performance gap between predicted and measured fabric heat loss. However, since its development in the early eighties there has been little research into the accuracy and reliability of the method itself. My research investigated uncertainties from the external environment, the experimental method and the linear regression analysis techniques used. This, amongst other conclusions, revealed significant bias related to the measurement of solar radiation and intrinsic uncertainties within comparisons between tests and to design. Nevertheless, the method can still be used effectively and, under suitable conditions, results can be achieved in shorter time frames than previously thought.

Your view on the LoLo experience

Being a Lolo student has really supported me over the course of my PhD. I have been very lucky to have two very knowledgeable supervisors, who have provided me with valuable advice and insights, but also given me the freedom to carry out my own piece of research. There have been plenty of opportunities to work with industrial partners, contribute to specialist groups, attend conferences and be involved with other research and teaching activities within the department. Finally, being part of the Lolo centre has meant being part of a wider group of students across both institutions. This has helped make the PhD such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

What you are doing now

I am currently working as a teaching fellow at the UCL Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering. I lead modules on Building Engineering Physics and the Energy Context, as well as being involved in research on the total performance of buildings and in supporting monitoring work within the department.

Sam’s LoLo profile

“Error & uncertainty in whole house heat loss (Co-Heating) measurements” – thesis pending