Top journal publication for LoLo MPhil student – Matthew Li

Top journal publication for LoLo MPhil student – Matthew Li
12th October 2018 Mae Oroszlany

LoLo MPhil student Matt Li has successfully published the research from his Master’s dissertation in the one the leading Academic Journals. Matt completed his MRes at Loughborough University in 2017 with a distinction. His research dissertation was entitled “Predicting Household Electricity Demand Profiles from Measurements” and the paper was focused on “Seasonal variation in household electricity demand: A comparison of monitored and synthetic daily load profiles”. He submitted the paper to Energy and Buildings and it was accepted for publication after a few corrections requested by the reviewers.

Related imageThe research showed that the monthly variability in electricity demand was generally under-represented in a synthetically generated data set, of the type that might be used for electricity load prediction. The predicted between-months differences in load factors and peak load timing were inconsistent with those exhibited by a monitored data set. The study demonstrated that the shapes of actual household daily electrical load profiles can vary significantly between months, and that limited treatment of seasonal variation in load modelling can lead to inaccurate predictions of its effects.

Image result for elsevierMatt said that he “found the publishing process to be quite involved; it took a long time but it was ultimately satisfying to see the paper on-line”. He also found that “the reviewing process was worthwhile with constructive comments from the reviewers helping to improve the paper overall”.

You can find the paper here: