Rayan Azhari

Rayan Azhari

Doctoral Researcher (MPhil/PhD)

Rayan Azhari

Doctoral Researcher (MPhil/PhD)
UCL Energy Insitute


Rayan is a doctoral candidate at the UCL Energy Institute. His research focuses on understanding the operational energy use in office buildings by quantitively assessing the energy use in various office buildings on different scales using data from the 3DStock model.

This study also investigates the effects of energy management and landlord-tenant relationships on energy performance in offices. Seven semi-structured interviews were conducted with key stakeholders in the UK (members of the Better Buildings Partnership BBP) to get insights into how their office buildings operate in real life and what influences their energy performance.

During the past year, Rayan also:

  • Contributed to the UCL Consultation response: Introducing a performance-based policy Framework in large commercial and industrial buildings in England and Wales (June 2021).
  • and took part in a Research project to inform policy on rating energy consumption in non-domestic buildings. To inform the development of the policy, the Government (BEIS) commissioned a consortium of Winning Moves, UCL and Verco to lead a research project during February and March 2021

Before joining the LoLo CDT programme, Rayan worked in architecture in Syria, Saudi Arabia, and the UK. He also worked in research at Nottingham University on “Minimising Thermal Discomfort and Energy use in Houses.”

Rayan holds an MRes in Energy Demand Studies from the UCL Energy Institute, MSc in Sustainable Buildings Performance and Design from Oxford Brookes University and a BSc in Architecture from Tishreen University in 2008.



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LoLo CDT congratulates UCL student, Rayan Azhari, on his recent publication

LoLo CDT congratulates UCL student, Rayan Azhari, on his recent publication