Paul Rowley

Paul Rowley

Senior Lecturer, Renewable Energy Systems

Paul Rowley

Senior Lecturer, Renewable Energy Systems
Loughborough University



Paul Rowley’s research focuses on the development of effective and economic low carbon energy systems. His research group’s current activities include:

  • Responsive microgeneration in ‘Smart’ energy systems
  • Managing risk and uncertainty in renewable energy systems
  • Understanding the impact of human factors on the performance of embedded microgeneration
  • Optimising community energy frameworks for ‘triple bottom line’ impacts
  • Bayesian probabilistic methods for distributed energy networks
  • Whole system modelling and analysis for ‘Smart’ electrical and heat networks
  • Renewable energy applications for developing countries

Paul is the academic lead for the £1M SHINE-ZC zero carbon community energy programme, and is Deputy Director of the £3M Midlands Energy Graduate School. He is also principal investigator for the TSB-funded ‘SmartNet’ project, which focusses on implementing distributed intelligent domestic energy monitoring and control solutions, as well as the ERDF/industry funded SEMAS project (Loughborough Smart Energy Management and Storage Lab). In addition, his international work includes research commissioned by Alcatel-Lucent’s USA-based Bell Labs, which involves the development of low carbon whole-system techno-economic solutions for future ICT networks, as well as research on the development of cost-effective renewable energy services in Africa.

Paul graduated with a PhD in materials science from Cambridge University (UK) and has over 20 years experience within the energy sector at NRC (Ottawa, Canada), UNSW (Sydney, Australia) and BP Solar Plc (UK). He is also a qualified teacher, and has a strong interest in the development of effective teaching and learning approaches for energy education.


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