Argyris Oraiopoulos

Argyris Oraiopoulos

Doctoral Researcher (MPhil/PhD)

Argyris Oraiopoulos

Doctoral Researcher (MPhil/PhD)
Loughborough University


Argyris joined the LoLo CDT in 2012 where he completed his MRes on Energy Demand and his PhD on the development of an empirical model that is able to predict overheating in UK homes using descriptive time series analysis. He then worked as a Research Associate at Loughborough University looking at urban scale energy modelling. Currently he is employed as a Research Officer at the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) working on energy policy.
Argyris’ research interests include:
Overheating (criteria & predictions);
Time Series Analysis & Empirical Modelling;
Dynamic Thermal Simulation Modelling;
Occupant Behaviour & Attitudes;
Energy Policy;
Public Engagement & Education (STEM & EWB Ambassador)




W4LP7 – Prediction of the Summertime Overheating Risk in UK Homes Using Descriptive Time Series Analysis