Mike Davies

Mike Davies


Mike Davies

UCL Institute of Environmental Design & Engineering


Mike is the Director of the newly formed UCL Institute of Environmental Design and Engineering and the Deputy Director of the LoLo CDT and a Professor of Physics & the Environment.

My research work began at the University of Westminster (1994 – 1998) where I was looking both at very specific areas of interest – multi-dimensional heat flows and shading devices – but also whole building performance. I then moved to Brunel University (1998 – 2000) where my work developed in areas relating to discomfort glare and ventilation. This work continued in my next post at the Open University (2000 – 2004) prior to my appointment at UCL. Whilst at UCL my research has developed, culminating in an EPSRC Platform Grant award in 2011.

Research Summary

I have a background in the monitoring and modelling of building performance and I’m seeking to understand how buildings can optimally minimise their production of CO2 whilst maintaining healthy and comfortable conditions. I recently led the large EPSRC Urban Heat Island Project (LUCID) which involved modelling climate, the built stock, energy use, overheating and comfort and health impacts across London. Amongst other projects, I’m currently leading an ESPRC Platform Grant which is trying to understand the unintended consequences of decarbonising the built environment.


W8UP4 Inter-model comparison of indoor overheating risk prediction for English dwellings

W2UP16 – Developing improved methods for measurement of ventilation rates in occupied dwellings

W5UP9 – A novel method for the estimation of thermophysical properties of walls from short and seasonal-independent in-situ surveys