Jonathan Wright

Jonathan Wright

Professor Building Optimization/Group Leader: Building Services

Jonathan Wright

Professor Building Optimization/Group Leader: Building Services
Loughborough University



Educated at Loughborough University of Technology. Joined Liverpool University as a Lecturer in 1987. Returned to Loughborough University in 1991 and was promoted to Professor in 2007.

External Activities

International voting member of ASHRAE technical committees on Building Operation Dynamics (TC 7.4) and Smart Building Systems (TC7.5).
Member of the editorial board of Building Services Engineering Research and Technology.
Member of the IBPSA Board of Directors.

Broad Interests and Expertise

The application of Evolutionary Algorithms in the model-based optimum design and control of buildings.

Previous Research Projects

The automatic synthesis of optimum HVAC System configurations for minimum energy use (funded by ASHRAE).
The simultaneous optimization of building fabric construction, HVAC system capacity, and the HVAC system supervisory control strategy (funded by the EPSRC).
The multi-criterion optimum design of buildings (funded by the EPSRC).
First principle model-based fault detection and diagnosis of HVAC system operation (funded by ASHRAE).
Model-based commissioning of HVAC systems (PhD studentship).
Uncertainty analysis of a HVAC sub-system (PhD studentship).
Model-based optimum superviroy control of fabric-thermal stroage systems (PhD studentship).
Modelling and optimum control of a sub-dewpoint chilled beam system (PhD studentship).