Daniel Quiggin

Daniel Quiggin

Research Fellow

Daniel Quiggin

Research Fellow
Chatham House


My PhD covered supply-demand modelling of future energy scenarios and the quantification of household demand adaptations via demand side management. Energy demand research is difficult because its the interplay between economics, people, technology, social norms and buildings. LoLo students benefit from the diverse research interests of the teach staff and PhD students alike.

My background is in Particle Physics, holding a Masters of Physics and moved into his current area of research via a Research Masters in Earth System Science.

As a Research Fellow at Chatham House I work in the Energy, Environment and Resources department. I work on a wide range of energy – economic – climate related projects. These include stranded assets, energy demand side structural shifts, the implications of Brexit on UK and EU climate and energy policy, the transformation of utilities and low carbon future scenarios.

Publications –

Investec Asset Management, Tom Nelson, Daniel Quiggin, Graeme Baker, Charles Wall, June 2016

Our energy future: creating a sustainable global energy system

Elsevier Energy, Daniel Quiggin, Richard Buswell March 2016

The implications of heat electrification on national electrical supply-demand balance under published 2050 energy scenarios 

Elsevier Energy, Daniel Quiggin, Sarah Cornell, Michael Tierney, Richard Buswell, March 2012

A simulation and optimisation study: Towards a decentralised microgrid, using real world fluctuation data

Personal Website: www.demandenergyequality.org

Modelling the expected participation of future smart households in demand side management,within published energy scenarios [PDF 22MB]

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W2LP16 – How Smart are 2050 Energy Scenarios Expecting Households to be?