Loughborough congratulates its first LoLo PhD success

Loughborough congratulates its first LoLo PhD success
8th October 2014 Karen Holmes

Daniel QuigginFollowing three years of hard graft, Dan Quiggin passed his viva with just minor corrections on September 22nd. His thesis entitled ‘Modelling the UK energy supply from a range of scenarios so as to identify the need for demand-side management’ sought to identify the hourly gaps between energy supply and energy demand that might arise were any of the six national energy scenarios to be realised. The key was the creation of a detailed bottom-up model of demand based on a data set of 25,000 half hourly residential demand profiles. Aggregated demand profiles were compared with the time-varying generation and the supply deficit determined. The potential for demand management to close the gap was discussed.

Dan joined the Centre with our first cohort in 2010 and, although based in Bristol, Dan has been a visible and active presence, contributing much to the spirit and ethos of the Centre.

During his time in the Centre he has presented at a number of national and international conferences, published in the journal Energy and formed links with NGO’s and policy networks providing modelling expertise, which is a direct result of PhD model. Dan has also setup a Community Interest Company – Demand Energy Equality – which aims to increase the understanding of energy with communities www.demandenergyequality.org.

He is currently employed as Research Associate at Loughborough to develop and apply behavioural models relating to domestic energy consumption. These will be used to drive monte-carlo based simulation to explore hot water provision in future homes.

Dan’s LoLo profile

Modelling the expected participation of future smart households in demand side management,within published energy scenarios [PDF 22MB]