LoLo Teambuilding Event – 15th February 2012

LoLo Teambuilding Event – 15th February 2012
22nd February 2012 Alison Parker

Organised by the centre’s Loughborough-based student group LUSEC (Loughborough University Social Events Committee), the day of workshops drew about twenty students from both UCL and Loughborough, providing a venue for interactive discussion and socializing.

Sven Hallin and Kate Simpson led a mapping exercise on energy production and a supply and demand energy ‘puzzle’ which sparked debate on what individuals would and would not compromise on in the realm of dwelling size, thermostat temperature, gadgets, travel and food consumption.

The underlying question of the day was ‘How do we employ technical systems to encourage behavioural change in the context of energy’. In terms of sources of energy, this encouraged discussion on national versus decentralised energy systems and the social implications of each. Nuclear power was generally set aside in favour of a number of traditional and green power suppliers.

Dan Quiggin assisted by Joynal Abedin ran a solar panel workshop using reclaimed materials and damaged photovoltaic tiles to demonstrate one way of extending energy saving technologies into low-income households. Bringing out the creative side of designing and technical skills of soldering, students were determined not to leave the panels unfinished. For more on this activity, see Matt Little’s blog at Renewable Energy Innovation: