LoLo Student Conference – Exploring methods in energy research

LoLo Student Conference – Exploring methods in energy research
11th April 2016 Ben Roberts

LoLo Student Conference – How many ways can you change a light bulb?
Exploring methods in energy research – 
Thursday 16 June 2016

Join us at UCL  for an interdisciplinary conference exploring the methods researchers are using to address the challenge of reducing energy demand.

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Sustainable energy transitions require an understanding of the social, political, technical and economic dimensions of energy demand.  This conference will explore how different approaches and methods can contribute to generating long-term solutions

This conference is primarily aimed at PhD and early career researchers, with a focus on work in progress, and the aim of creating an inclusive environment in which a diverse audience can discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by different approaches to energy research.

The conference is designed to facilitate discussion of different methods in the context of specific research projects, through a combination of presentations and smaller group workshops.  Places are strictly limited to allow in-depth exploration of the issues.


9.30Registration & Coffee

Bob Lowe (UCL Energy Institute)




Presentations session 1

Despoina Christantoni (University College Dublin)

session 1 speaker 1 – D Christantoni v2

Machine learning algorithms predicting demand response potential utilising a synthetic repository  watch now (link to LoLoCDT YouTube)

Caroline Hughes (University of Bath)

session 1 speaker 2 – C Hughes

How do the elderly heat their homes? Exploring fuel poverty and carbon reduction in this demographic  watch now (link to LoLoCDT YouTube)

11.00Workshops session 1
Modelling methods

Chair: Rokia Raslan

Presentations: Ozlem Duran Modelling speaker 1 – O Duran, Jonathan Chambers Modelling speaker 2 – J Chambers & Christopher Tsang Modelling speaker 3 – C Tsang

Quantitative methods

Chair: Michelle Shipworth

Presentations: Moira Nicholson Quant speaker 1 – M Nicolson & Sven Hallin Quant speaker 2 – S Hallin

12.00Lunch & Poster Exhibition
13.00Presentations session 2

Faye Wade (UCL)

session 2 speaker 1 – F Wade

The ethnography  of  installation:  applying  qualitative  methods  to  investigate  energy intermediaries

Argyris Oraiopoulos (Loughborough University)

session 2 speaker 2 – A Oraiopoulos

Measured Internal Temperatures in UK homes: a descriptive time series analysis and modeling approach

13.40Workshops session 2
Measuring methods

Chair: David Allinson

Presentations: Vicki Tink Measuring speaker 1 – V Tink, Lisa Iszatt Measuring speaker 2 – L Iszatt & Safwan Samsuddin Measuring speaker 3 – S Samsuddin

Qualitative methods

Chair: Victoria Haines

Presentations: Nafsika Drosou Qual speaker 1 – N Drouso & Clare Hanmer Qual speaker 2 – C Hanmer

14.40Coffee & Poster Exhibition
15.20Panel discussion

Rokia Raslan, Michelle Shipworth, David Allinson & Victoria Haines


Kathryn Janda (Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford)

Telling tales: using stories to remake energy policy


Bob Lowe (UCL Energy Institute)

17.00Drinks reception

Download the full programme [PDF]


The conference will be held at UCL’s Bloomsbury Campus on Thursday 16 June 2016.  Register for free at