LoLo Centre refunded for eight more years

LoLo Centre refunded for eight more years
28th November 2013 Alison Parker

The Directors and staff of the LoLo Centre are very pleased to announce that the bid to secure EPSRC funding for a further eight years has been successful. This success is a testament to what has been achieved over the first five years and the support it has received from stakeholders and the host Universities.

The announcement of the news, at the opening of first LoLo student led conference on 22nd November, was met with a massive round of applause.  Our students are very pleased that the good work can continue.

The press release announcing the new funding reads as follows.

The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Energy Demand (LoLo) will inspire the leaders and innovators needed to transform the UK’s buildings and energy sector. Hosted by UCL and Loughborough University, the Centre’s focus is the energy performance of buildings: their technologies and interactions with people and the wider energy system. Such research is key to delivering UK policies around climate change, energy security and fuel poverty. Training will consist of a highly successful Masters of Research and PhD programme. Students will collaborate with partners in industry, government and NGOs contributing to world-class research teams working on real-world problems.

The success was in no small measure down to the impression that LoLo students create in the wider community and the tremendous support the refunding bid garnered from the numerous, and diverse, stakeholders concerned with energy demand reduction. We look forward to continued collaboration over the next eight years.

R Lowe and K Lomas