LoLo CDT at IBPSA Conference 2013, France

LoLo CDT at IBPSA Conference 2013, France
2nd September 2013 Alison Parker

LoLo CDT at IBPSA Conference 2013, France

13th international conference of the International Building Performance Simulation Association (IBPSA) took place 25th – 28th August 2013 in France and a number of LoLo CDT students capitalize on this opportunity to attend and present their work. LoLo CDT members attending the conference consisted of PhD students Samuel Stamp and Stephanie Gauthier from UCL and Joynal Abedin and Arash Beizaee from Loughborough University along with the Centre Director Prof Kevin Lomas and Academic Manager Dr Simon Taylor.

The conference was co-organized at Savoie Technolac by INES (CEA, university of Savoie, CNRS and CSTB) and INSA Lyon, in the heart of the Alps (Mont-Blanc) halfway between Chambéry and the spa town of Aix-les-Bains. The conference’s main theme had been chosen “building simulation for a sustainable world” to highlight the importance of building simulation in the design of buildings for a sustainable future. IBPSA conference 2013 attracted the largest ever number of delegates from various countries and different disciplines such as teaching, research, architecture, engineering design, building operations, etc. The impressive large number of delegates and nearly 500 accepted papers was encouraged a new presentation format wherein many authors presented their work through a combination of poster with a short oral introduction beside the papers which had been accepted for oral presentations following by Q & A.

After the registration and a warm welcome session on Sunday the 25th, the conference officially started on Monday. During each day of the conference, presentations had been divided into 6 different categories according to their topic and a room was allocated for each category giving the attendees the flexibility to join their topic of most interest by switching between the rooms. The categories covered a wide range of Building Simulation topics including Building physics, Validation, calibration and uncertainty, Thermal comfort, Optimization, Commissioning and control, Daylighting, Simulation Vs Reality, Human behaviour and more.

LoLo CDT has a student presenting their work on each day of the presentations. During the first day, Samuel Stamp from UCL presented his paper with the title “An investigation into the role of thermal mass on the accuracy of co-heating tests through simulation & field results”. On the second day Stephanie Gauthier from UCL introduced her poster “The role of environmental and personal variables in influencing thermal comfort indices used in building simulation”. On the final day of the presentations, Joynal Abedin from Loughborough University presented his paper with the title “Simulation of domestic heat demand shifting through short-term thermal storage” before the conference ended with a tour of INES. In addition, during the conference, the Centre Director Prof Kevin Lomas was awarded the grade of IBPSA fellow for his distinctive work in the field of building simulation for many years.

IBPSA 2013 conference provided a good opportunity for CDT students attending to present and discuss their work in an international multi-disciplinary environment. They received valuable feedback and enjoyed the variety of the quality papers presented and of course the beautiful Savoie and local hospitality!

Article written by Arash Beizaee