LoLo 2013 Student Led Conference Programme

LoLo 2013 Student Led Conference Programme
16th October 2013 Alison Parker

Student led conference on 22 November 2013: “Saving energy in buildings: why does context matter?”

09.30-9.50am: Registration

10.00-10.10: Welcome / housekeeping etc

10.10-10:30: talk 1  –  Jez Wingfield, “Context does matter: Setting the scene”

10:30-10.50: talk 2 – Jenny Love, UCL Energy Institute Energy savings from domestic retrofit: how deep to go before context doesn’t matter”

10:50- 11.10: talk 3 – Paula Morgenstern, UCL Energy Institute,Using Wi-Fi connections to visualise building occupancy and target energy waste in university buildings”

11.10- 11.30: talk 4  – Heinke Thies , Catherine Mitchell, Bridget Woodman, Exeter University “Towards a low-carbon building sector: A skills ecosystem appraisal for the construction industry in Cornwall”

11.30-12.15: TEA/COFFEE BREAK + 11 students’ poster sessions, Group 1, North Cloisters

12:15-12.35: talk 5 – Peter Warren, UCL Energy Institute, Effective policies for saving energy in buildings: why does national context matter?

12.35-12.55: talk 6 – Claudia Dutson, Royal College of Art, “Do actions speak louder than words?”

12.55-13.15: talk 7 – Michelle Shipworth, UCL Energy Institute, “Human dimensions of energy use”

13.15-14.45: LUNCH + 11 students’ poster sessions; Group 2, North Cloisters

14.45-15.05: talk 8  – Gloria A Vargas, Fionn Stevenson, Sheffield University,  “The significance of the lobby space on people’s thermal history while connecting the impact of two different contexts”

15.05- 15.25: talk 9 – Esfand Burman, UCL Urban Sustainbility & Resilience, “Energy performance gap and building context: lessons learned from modern school buildings”

15.25- 15.45: talk 10 –Julie Futcher, Dublin University College, “building performance in the context of the surrounding urban setting”

15.45- 16.00 – talk 11 – Prof. Kevin Lomas, Loughborough University, LoLo CDT, closing

16.00- 17:00: wine and nibbles at North Cloisters