Breaking News! EPSRC funds new Centre in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment

Breaking News! EPSRC funds new Centre in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment
4th February 2019 Mae Oroszlany

Science and Innovation Minister Chris Skidmore announced today that the UCL Energy Institute, with partner Loughborough University, were successful in their new joint bid for an EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) funding.

This funding  will go towards our new EPSRC CDT in Energy Resilience and the Built Environment (ERBE) will train at least 68 PhD graduates to understand the systemic, radical, multi and interdisciplinary challenges we face, and equip them with the leadership credentials to effect change.


Associate Professor Dr Cliff Elwell – ERBE Deputy Director:

I am delighted that we have been awarded funding for the new ERBE CDT. In collaboration with our partners in industry and government, we are looking forward to training students to make an impact in the energy and buildings sector, through addressing the emerging challenges of supporting energy flexibility and resilience, improving the performance of the buildings we inhabit, and meeting our needs for healthy, comfortable environments. We will be offering a 4 year PhD programme of training and research, that builds on the successes of the LoLo CDT in Energy Demand.

It is great news that through the funding of ERBE we will be able to train the talented researchers that are needed to support the transformation of our energy system, whilst also providing healthy and comfortable living spaces. Together with our colleagues at Loughborough University and the Centre for Marine and Renewable Energy (MaREI) in Ireland we will provide a new training course, building on our previous success of the EPSRC CDT in Energy Demand.

Further information about the scholarships will be available on the @ERBECDT shortly. Please follow us  on Twitter: @ERBECDT.

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