Arash Beizaee wins joint ARCC/Homes and Communities Agency research impact prize

Arash Beizaee wins joint ARCC/Homes and Communities Agency research impact prize
24th August 2015 Karen Holmes

The ARCC network and the Homes and Communities Agency’s ‘So What?’ call was launched in April 2015 with the aim to identify current and recently completed research on the causes, prevention and mitigation of overheating in homes, and the relationship between overheating, indoor air quality and impacts on residents.

Researchers were invited to submit their findings in forms of a social media teaser and a brief, digestible research summary in order to be published in a public and industry friendly manner and to link industry, policy makers and trade press editors to.

Arash’s teaser and research summary Modern English homes at higher risk of overheating which was based on his MRes dissertation’s findings was announced winner as it has the highest impact (combination of social media views, interaction, webpage hits and time spent on webpage) in a month after deadline for the submissions. This will be announced in this month’s ARCC newsletter.

All the submissions are available online on ARCC’s website. In addition, they will be provided to delegates at an event this summer on overheating and indoor air quality. The event delegates will include directors of social housing organisations, tenant representatives, technical specialists including architects and engineers, house builders, environmental health officers and members of stock-owning local authorities. The emphasis of the resources will be on the knowledge and practical advice which will enable these professions to avoid future, and mitigate existing overheating in homes.